How To check Your Amazon Gift Card Balance

After doing some shopping with your redeemed Amazon gift card, you might be wondering how much is left on that gift card.

Since the Amazon website does not display it for you on the home page, you have to dig a little to find it.

Check Amazon Gift Card Balance

To check your balance, simply go to and sign in to your account if you haven’t already.

Then hover your mouse over ‘Accounts and Lists’ and select ‘Account’. On the account page, click on ‘Gift Cards’. That will take you to your Gift cards page where you can see all your gift card info including your Gift card balance.

Check Amazon Gift Card Balance On Mobile

You can also check your Amazon Gift card balance using the amazon app on your smartphone as show in the video. Simply launch the app and sign in if you haven’t.

Then tap on the menu in the bottom right side of your screen and select ‘Your Account‘. Then scroll to the ‘Payments’ section and tap on ‘Manage gift card balance‘. That will show you your gift card balance.

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