Amazon’s Best Selling Wireless Earbuds

The tech community in general is realizing that sometimes, paying more doesn’t necessarily get you more value. Wireless earbuds on amazon range from around $15 up to thousands of dollars.

But with over 12,000 reviews and 4.2 star rating on amazon, these Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones (See On Amazon) are officially the most popular and best selling wireless earbuds on Amazon.

First, they are fully wireless earbuds with a wire connecting the two sides. They connect to your device via Bluetooth and connectivity is really easy as  it should be.

It’s all the extra stuff you get for just $20 that makes these earbuds special. First of all they’re IPX7 water resistant rated so they’re perfect for sports. Running and jogging with these is not a problem at all. They are protected from sweat an light rain with a water resistant nano-coating.

They have wing tips that go round your ear to hold them in place and you can be sure they’ll not be falling off your ears even in extreme sport activities. And the fact they they’re still incredibly light even with the wing tips makes these some of the most comfortable wireless earbuds I have tried.

Best Selling Wireless Earbuds

The sound quality is good enough for the price you pay. They’re aren’t as good as Airpods; but those cost over $150. The controlled base and instrument separation you get is really worth more than what you’re paying for.

7-9 hours of active battery life is what they claim their earbuds can give you. I usually get between 7 and 7.5 hours in my use. Probably because I’m always on max volume. But that’s solid battery life; way more than the Air pods and other high end wireless earbuds. You also get a full batter in 1.5 hours hours of charging.

I like the fact that the volume and play/pause controls are on the right earbud and not on the wire because that makes the earbuds sag on one side. There’s also a little microphone for hands free calling.

With all these amazing features for just $20 you get a few extra touches that make these the best selling wireless earbuds. First the earbuds come in a travelling case that you find inside the box. Then you also get the earbuds in different colors. Red, black and flash blue.

These are definitely the best earbuds you’ll get under $50 and they only cost $20. The cost to value here is unmatched!

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